Our Brand


Our names are Daniele and Vito and we met in the workplace. We decided to take the big step and “Do Business” together, because we are united in a common goal:  to retrace the reality of all the work experience we’ve gained over the years step by step, with determination, perseverance and humility.

The first  manifestation of DV Consulting was at the workstation we shared in our previous work experience: it was a single large desk with two workstations, next to each other (one next to the other) instead of facing each other. Daniele and Vito work side by side with the client, with care and attention, like parents helping their children do their homework.

We’ve always shared a common purpose: to approach the client in a simple, direct way, that is at the same time innovative and professional, in eliminating all the superstructures and conventions of the insurance world. The intention is to get straight to the point, and optimize the entire consulting and management process.

We don’t sell the services we make.
We share the solutions we create.


We believe in a Claims Company based on real added-value for our clients, guaranteed through tailor-made consultancy and claims management services, made to measure for the client in a modular,  innovative, clear, direct way.

For this reason we listen to the client, for it’s the client who drives our business and we organize the structure of DVC accordingly, based on each client’s specific requirements. We adapt our services continuously and productively, anticipating needs even before they are expressed.


To take care of the client as we do our own company, tirelessly. We treat every client as the most important of all, because individual needs must be listened to and supported.

Offer a service, i.e. serve, by dedicating ourselves to the client unconditionally, without restrictions, limitations or preconceptions.

Look after personal relationships as well as professional ones, in order to strike the right balance between being professional and being human.


— 01

Always on the front line, paying attention to the facts.

All business is handled first of all by the two of us, Daniele and Vito, and we make no distinction between high-concept work and manual work.

— 02

High flexibility and customer care.

We approach work in a personalized way, shaped to the specific needs of the client. We base everything on the strong cohesion and constant involvement of the team.

— 03

Simplicity goes hand in hand with professionalism.

We are intolerant of adapting those formal standards that seem to be all the rage in the insurance industry. We get straight to the point, and focus solely on the needs expressed by the Client.

— 04

Continuous process innovation.

Technology enables us to move away from traditional patterns and significantly increase "constructive creativity".

— 05

Targeted assistance to resolve critical issues.

Not only do we assist the customer by providing services, but also in matters not directly within the scope of each service.

DVConsulting was used as a case study for research carried out by Progesia for their Harmonic Emotional Profile inquiry.  H.E.P.  is an empirical investigation into SMEs in Northern Italy, as well as on students from the University of Turin ‘s School of Management and Economics, and its aim is to detect “corporate emotions” and to verify if emotional skills gain more significant value in the corporate context.